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October has already been a busy month for Project Hub. Starting at the end of September we were prepping for two maker faires back to back. Before we knew it the first weekend of October was upon us and we were Atlanta, Georgia bound. The two day event was filled with upcoming innovations and a huge tech friendly atmosphere despite the rain. With four venues for attendees to explore it was all but small scale and certainly kid friendly. From items like couch bikes to steampunk “flying “ saucers and practices like blacksmithing to robotics, the Atlanta Makers Faire is a melting pot of of technology, community and creativity.

The following weekend was spent in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Discovery Place for the Charlotte Mini Maker Faire. Although the rain followed us from Georgia, the turnout was better than expected! IF you ever had the inkling to be a maker, this is the faire to cut your teeth on. We brought a hands on project of buildable wood “robots” for the children attending the event with their parents. This was a small scale faire rich in hands on workshops & demonstrations and again very kid friendly.


Overall, Project Hub has learned a great deal from theses Maker Faires. With new knowledge learned from all the great minds around us and excellent exposure we look to the future events with great excitement. Maker Faires like these are what help to inspire new ideas and fresh approaches to the making culture.

We encourage anyone and everyone to attend events of this sort if at all possible. The next mini maker faire Project Hub will be attending is being held at the local Spartanburg Barnes & Noble the first weekend in November (6th – 8th).


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