Letter from the Board


Makerspace-based STEAM education?

The fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics are inherently and increasingly intertwined as multi-disciplinary teams are in demand to solve increasingly complex problems. Makerspaces are unique in their capacity to educate students, from diverse backgrounds, with varying skill sets, by engaging them in meaningful projects within a setting that naturally encourages multi-disciplinary collaboration.

STEAM, Makerspaces, and the Community

Spartanburg is in an interesting position. The county of Spartanburg has been experiencing some significant economic growth in recent years and with that growth there has been an increase in jobs demanding STEAM-related skills. While Spartanburg schools have also improved significantly in recent years, they have not been able to adapt to the quickly changing modern economy. Non-profit organizations like STEM on the Move and Upstate STEM Collaborative are working to improve STEM education in the upstate and help children find passions in STEM-related fields, but the focus tends to be on the Greenville area and their programs are usually limited to events or appointment presentations.


Success Initiative is unique in its vision to create an entirely new style of educational entity, focused on STEAM, within the makerspace setting. This allows us to create educational opportunities within an environment that inherently promotes inter-disciplinary collaboration, project-based learning, and the use of STEAM-related skills. Our model also allows us to develop unique relationships with public and private entities, thereby positioning our system as an intermediary between organizations such as local high schools and local companies doing work in STEAM fields. This fosters unique project opportunities, which we intend to break down and develop in such a way, that students can be at the helm of significant STEAM-related projects, particularly projects geared towards improving the Spartanburg community.


Success Initiative is a developing public benefit non-profit organization. We are developing the organization in such a way, that student-interns within the organization will manage many of the responsibilities of the organization. We appreciate that your student is volunteering in our internship program and we hope that you too will get involved with us as we continue to develop.



  • Kody Crawford, Executive Secretary
    Email: successinitiative.sc@gmail.com

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