Block Bot Kits


Perfect for events and festivals, Block Bots help people of all ages practice their fine motor control and it provides an outlet for expression by decorating the faces and bodies.

Kit contains:

  • 2 strings (legs and arms) Fig. 1
  • 1 large block (body) Fig. 2
  • 4 small blocks (hands & feet) Fig. 3
  • 1 peg (neck) Fig. 4
  • 1 medium block (head) Fig. 5

wood bot drawing

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Put strings through the 2 holes in the body.
  2. Place a small block on each end of the 2 strings and tie a knot so the blocks do not fall off.
  3. Place peg in the hole on the top of the body.
  4. Push head down onto the peg.
  5. Draw face and decorate

Bulk Pricing:

  • 100 kits: $450 ($50 saved)
  • 250 kits: $1000 ($250 saved)
  • 500 kits: $1750 ($750 saved)

Bulk orders are provided with 5-10% extra of each item in case of defects or loss. Contact us to place your order today!


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