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Why should I join?

Being a member of Project Hub has many benefits. Tools and equipment can be very expensive to buy and proper workspace is hard to find for most people. We have experienced on-site experts here to assist members and ensure safety.  We offer classes on a wide variety of subjects ranging from beginner to advanced. Our members will have access to the Project Vault Online Database which allows you to showcase your projects and view other members’ projects as well. The database allows members to store any data on their project online, making it accessible anywhere with an internet connection. You can choose what you want to display to the public, share with other members, or keep private and only accessible to you, the inventor. The database also has “how-to” articles, video tutorials, and a community forum for online discussion.

The best part about joining? Being part of a maker community!  Sometimes the most valuable resource is an extra set of eyes, ears, or hands. Collaboration is the key to innovation.

Membership Packages

  • Diamond $250/Month
    • Unlimited access to all areas of discipline
    • Possible supervisor and instructor opportunities
    • Free classes (all disciplines)
    • Only 125 spots available, memberships for life*
    • Must be 18+
  • Platinum $175/Month
    • Access to all area of discipline up to 125 hours
    • Possible supervisor and instructor opportunities
    • Discounted classes (all disciplines)
    • Must be 18+
  • Gold $100/Month + $40/Month per additional workshop
    • 20 collective hours in additional discipline
    • 75 hours in main workshop
    • Possible supervisor opportunity
    • Discounted classes (selected discipline)
    • Must be 18+
  • Silver $75/Month + $40/Month per additional workshop
    • 20 collective hours in additional discipline
    • 45 hours in main workshop
    • Discounted classes (selected discipline)
    • All ages and experience levels welcome
  • Bronze $25/day
    • Same as Silver, but just for the day
    • All ages and experience levels welcome

All memberships include free safety classes!

When you sign up for a membership you will note your discipline from the following:

  • Electronics
  • Programming
  • Automotive
  • Wood
  • Textile
  • Metal

Reserve your membership here.

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