Spring 2015 Update

It’s been quite the Spring for the Project Hub. Co-Founders Laney Alverson and Susan Molnar have been doing their best to bring a light to the great things that are powered by Project Hub!


Laney_headshotLaney is currently advising the Greenville County Council in their efforts to make the Upstate a hub of autonomous electrical vehicle innovation. He traveled to NIST for their global cities conference in early February. He has been working closely with Bob Jones University and Greenville Tech with their developments of working self driving golf cart prototypes. He is headed to NIST again on June 1st to give a demo of the current working prototypes.


Project Hub Co-Founder Susan Molnar has also been busy. She organized the Greenville Art Bike Parade and workshops (www.Greenvilleartbikes.com) with a grant from the Greenville Metropolitan Arts Council. With this grant she was able to bring Artists from the Art Collective Art 120 (www.art120.org)  to the Upstate as part of the iMAGINE Upstate Festival. Even though these were mostly Greenville based events, the connection with Art 120 is invaluable to our imaginefuture progress as we develop in Spartanburg. Art 120 works with youth of all ages in an urban maker space to create Art Bikes and Art Cars that have had a great cultural and economic impact in their community. They have also been deemed a working Maker Corps education site (http://makered.org/makercorps/) and are advising on how we could progress if we choose to take that route.


You can see a glimpse of the festivities at

Project Hub also had its own presence at the iMAGINE Upstate Festival alongside our good friends iT2Pi. We were able to showcase our current member’s works while doing demos during the duration of festival. 14,000 people attended the inaugural year inspiring kids and adults from around the Upstate. Read more about the festival here.

One of the main projects we were able to show off that was made at Project Hub was our entry for Michelin’s Inspired Tires event in celebration of International Month. Tires were provided to participating teams to be used in a transformative way to create inspirational art. While working on this project we were able to bring on a new member to the Project Hub team, Alexis Narduzzi, a recent graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design with a major in Sculpture. She has been an incredible asset in bringing this project to life and helping us push forward with our future projects and relocation.


Our sculpture entry incorporated motion and light, making a dynamic experience for viewers.

See videos of the construction and the final sculpture here:


We were able to display the finished sculpture at the Michelin North American headquarters cafeteria in Greenville for several weeks as well as the Chapman Cultural center in Spartanburg. We were also featured on the Inspired Tires  website which received 20,000 unique hits through the duration of the contest. Although we did not win, it was a great team building experience and we were very thankful for the opportunity to participate.

 We were also excited to be able to participate in the 2nd iT2Pi annual expo at Furman University (www.it2pi.org). Co-Founder of the Project Hub Susan Molnar is one of the founding members of iT2Pi and continues to serve as a mentor. iT2Pi has evolved into an organization run by the people that it serves, young people with a vision to help make things happen. We are planning to bring a branch of the program to Spartanburg within the next year. This year’s expo was filled with robots, RC cars, a talking weather balloon, fruit powered selfies, sixteen 3D printers!, and more! There were over 500 attendees at this year’s expo.


In addition we were also able to attend Posscon (www.posscon.org) and the SC Manufacturing Conference and Expo (http://scmanufacturingconference.com/). At both of these events we made some very valuable connections with new concepts and valuable people.

This spring we have also been diligently trying to plan and execute our relocation efforts to downtown Spartanburg. While we have had some unexpected delays we have been working closely with the city to find a way around them and are confident that we will be moving forward soon.
Watch this space as we’ll have some major announcements soon as to how to get involved and more exciting things YOU can participate in within the Spartanburg Area! Thanks for all your support so far and we look forward to moving forward together!


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